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Company Presentation


MDM Partners Ltd. is a privately held boutique consulting company based in Varna, Bulgaria. The company offers a well balanced range of services related to business management, investment advisory and insurance plays. Via its Capital Markets Research division offers and develops economical, political and sector analysis and forecasting, development of business plans for various types of financing, managing and applying for governmental projects, financial advice to companies, individuals and their families. MDM Partners Ltd. provides to its customers and partners timely and flexible solutions to the assigned orders for consulting services. 


Who we are


We are a company specializing in international corporate and family wealth protection services. As well trough our business solutions division, we provide business a problem capable of solution focused on the development of international commercial activities and foreign investments. MDM Partners offers its clients a broad range of audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk, tax services and insurance plays. In addition to all above, MDM Partners provides the set-up and management of companies, fiduciary services, administrative services and business center services including virtual offices. Our international team of advisors, lawyers, accountants and commercial experts are familiar with international business practices and the worlds tax treaties and are therefore able to offer you excellent advisory services. Its business is distributed between three divisions operating independently each other, but working in close liason: Business Solutions, Private Wealth Services, Insurance Department. 


Code of conduct


Our goal is to ensure and maintain the highest ethical standards in our business practices. These standards include the need to treat all information we receive from clients with the strictest professional confidence. Mutual trust and professional reputation go hand in hand. We comply with local and international laws and regulations and deliver quality services for best business practice standards.




Its major aim of MDM Partners Ltd. is to establish itself as one of the major companies in the country in the field of business consulting and by 2020 to be an equal partner and rival to the established international consulting companies. Continually extending and enhancing the quality of their services / products by integrating and combining the expertise and resources of leading private and state institutions, researchers, specialists and experts from home and abroad. Experts consider that the companies objective as a fundamental factor in raising competitiveness, export potential and the organizational stability of the Bulgarian business in the context of the new business environment as a result of European integration. 

MDM Partners is growing. Join our team

We are currently looking for agents and online consultants:


Real estate, financial, insurance, banking, engineering, IT and other backgrounds are welcome. 

  • Share your knowledge with our clients and receive up to 50% commission from your expertise for all online consulting services.
  • Up to 10% commission for our field agents.

Please, contact us via:

Mina Mart - self-service automated store

Retail automated self-service store chain called “Mina Mart” looking for quick and aggressive expansion. 

MDM Partners Ltd. wants individuals and business partners to join the team for this new retail project in Bulgaria.

  • Exit strategies: listing on BSE or DB in the next 5 years, taking over the business by larger retail chain or expanding to international level. 

Minimum required investment is BGN 5000 or EUR 2500. 

  • Option 1. Bonds - it will be issued bonds with maturity 2028, coupon rate 8,6% p.a. and will be backed and re-insured by Swiss or UAE insurer. Issue size 1000 convertible bonds with face value BGN 5000 or EUR 2500, total BGN 5 000 000. First Yield coupon date: 31.10.2018.
  • Option 2. Company shares “Mina Mart”. 5 000 000 shares with nominal 1 BGN.

BGN 5000 or EUR 2500 will represent 0.01% from the capital.


Date of closing this offer is 30.04.2018. 


Expected date of opening first physical store “Mina Mart” is 31.07.2018. First location will be announced two months prior opening.

Interested parties may contact at any time. Open for business 24/7.